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Answers To Commonly Asked Questions


How much solar do I need?

The amount of solar you require depends on your yearly energy usage. Give us a call, and our team will assist you in determining the appropriate number of panels based on your energy needs.

 How does the process work?

Please refer to Step 1 under "Here's How It's Done In 3 Easy Steps!" on our home page for detailed information about the process and associated costs.

 Will my system be under warranty?

The manufacturer provides warranties for their products when installed according to their specifications.

 Can I install solar myself?

Solar installation is typically done by homeowners themselves.

 What is the maximum solar I can get?

The maximum solar capacity depends on the available roof area and your existing electrical service rating.

 What if my roof is shaded?

Shade on your roof can impact the power production of your solar system. Our team will design the system to minimize shade effects whenever possible.

 What if I don't have experience installing solar?

Manufacturers provide detailed installation instructions for their equipment, making the process manageable for homeowners.

 How long will my system last?

The manufacturer will provide specific details regarding the lifespan of your system. In general, solar systems last up to 20 years.

 Will my system work during a power outage?

Solar systems are grid-tied and require a functioning grid to operate. However, you can opt to include a battery backup system for power continuity during outages.

 I've already purchased a solar kit. Can I still obtain a permit for installation?

Certainly! We can provide you with the necessary plan set package for obtaining a permit. Just share the equipment list from your solar kit with us