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James, after putting in his new solar system. We highly advise those who are putting in their own solar to wear a safety belt.

James, After Putting In His New Solar System. We Highly Advise Those Who Are Putting In Their Own Solar System To Wear A Safety Belt.


My Name Is James I Live In Yuba City Ca. And I Have A Background In Electronics And Electrical Work. I Am Not A Licensed Electrician, But I Have Plenty Of Experience With Electrical And Mechanical Work.  I Have Wanted To Install My Own Solar Electric Panels For Years.  I Could Do All The Work Myself And I Have A Solar Vendor That Could Get Me All The Equipment I Needed. I Knew I Could Put Up A 6.84 Kw Rooftop System For Under $10,000 By Doing The Work Myself. The Only Thing Standing In My Way Was The Building Permit. As A Homeowner I Could Get The Permit And Do The Install Myself, But I Didn’t Have The Skill Set Or Knowledge Of Electrical Code To Draw Up My Own Electrical Plan. When I Found Diysolarplanning.Com It Was The Answer I Was Looking For. I Spoke With Rodney Who Explained The Difference Between Dc Inverter And Microinverters To Me.  Six Days After Requesting Plans, Uploading Some Pictures And Telling Them What Panels And Microinverters I Preferred, I Had Custom Designed Plans For My House On Email. I Made A Quick Trip To The Local Paper Supply Store (Staples. In My Case.) To Print Out The Plans On The Required Paper Size For The Building Department. It Took The Building Department About Ten Days To Approve The Plans And I Was Issued A Permit.

 The Plans Were So Clear And Organized My Solar Supplier Was Able To Put A Complete Bill Of Materials Together From The Plans. This Meant I Didn’t Need To Figure Out Which Rails Would Fit On Which Panels. Or Which Interconnect Cables Were Compatible With My Microinverters. I Emailed The Plans I Received From Diysolarplanning.Com To My Supplier And They Were Able To Put Together An Equipment List With Every Panel, Microinverter, Interconnect Cable, Rail, Right Down To Every Single Nut And Bolt I Needed To Do The Job. 

It Took Me, By Myself, About Three Weeks Working Weekends And After Work To Install All The Equipment. My Equipment Cost Was Just Under $15,000 For A 6.84 Kw Rooftop System.  After Tax Credits (That’s The 30% Federal Rebate.) My Cost Was Just Under $10,000. I Asked The Building Inspector After He Signed Off On The Project What He Thought It Was Worth. He Told Me Around $28,000.

I Was Approved And Turned On The Solar Electric System In August Of 2015. Before Solar My July And August Electrical Bills Were Over $600.00. My Average Electrical Bill Was $258.00 Per Month. After Solar My Annual Bill For 2015-2016 Was   – $34.00. The Electric Company Kept The $34.00 They Owed Me, But I Didn’t Care. 2016-2017 I Paid $174.14 For The Year. 2017-1018 I Paid $182.88 For The Year. 2018-2019 I Paid $196.03 And 2019-2020 Is Projected To Be $444.00. I Bought An Electric Car So It Will Be Higher. 

Thank You Diysolarplanning.Com. With Your Plans I Was Able To Install A $28,000 System For Under $10,000. Best Of All I Don’t Have Any Leans Or Lease Agreements. So, If I Sell The House, The System Will Be An Asset Not A Liability.  I Could Not Have Done It Without Diysolarplanning.Com. Very Quick Turnaround Time, The Plans Passed The First Time And My Supplier Easily Put Together The Equipment List Directly From The Plans. I Couldn’t Find A Better Price Anywhere For Complete And Custom Plans.  

       Thanks James Local Resident Of Yuba City Ca.



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